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To assist our Care Team with providing the best treatment for you cat, fill out this questionnaire prior to their appointment.
**If you have multiple cat’s scheduled on the same day, please submit a form for each cat scheduled that day.

Pre-Exam Questionnaire

Medical History Questionnaire
  • This is your primary contact number
  • Please select if your pet is Indoor, Outdoor, or Both
  • Please describe any changes in behavior or activity level. (Type NONE, if no changes)
  • Does your cat eat wet food, dry food or both?
  • How much and how often do you feed your cat?
  • Please list the brand and/or flavors of the food you're feeding your cat.
  • Please describe any changes in appetite or drinking behavior. (Type NONE, if no changes)
  • Have you noticed any of the following symptoms?
  • If you have noticed any of these health issues, when did you first notice, and how often is it happening?
  • Please describe any changes or concerns regarding the following: Stool Color, Consistency, Odor, Urination amount/size of clumps, Frequency, Color, or Vocalization/Apparent pain associated with urination or defecation. (Type NONE, if no changes)
  • Please include the name, dose, and frequency of any medications or supplements you give your cat. Also, note if you need refills. (Type NONE, if no medications)
  • Has your cat been seen by another clinic recently? Please list the name of the clinic we may contact to request previous records. (Type NONE, if no recent previous records with another clinic)
  • Use this space if you have other concerns or questions for our Care Team?
  • Tell us one thing you love about your cat.