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Starting July 9th,2018 our hospital started the process of a complete remodel.

This process will be broken into 3 phases, and we will post updates for each phase

Phase One: Examination (COMPLETE) 

In this phase we built out new examination rooms including, updated our reception and waiting areas, updated our boarding accommodations, and rebuilt our pharmacy area.

Phase Two: Treatment (In-Progress) 

During phase two we will be focusing on treatment areas. We will be building a new lab area, update our surgery areas and overall make our treatment areas more efficient for treating your cats.

Cat Info

We are committed to providing you with the latest in cat health information. This information is for educational purposes only to help you understand your cat’s healthcare needs. Please contact us directly for specific concerns about your cat.

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At Albuquerque Cat Clinic, we believe that the bond between cats and their caretakers is extremely special. We also believe that protecting and preserving our feline patients’ health, both physical and mental, is essential to the continuance of this bond.

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Feline Wellness

We strive to continually exceed our clients’ expectations in the care and treatment of their feline companions. We work diligently to provide a quiet, relaxing environment and excellent customer service in order to create an experience that is as pleasant as possible.

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