Bloodwork/In-House Laboratory

In order to arrive at a diagnosis in the shortest amount of time possible, Albuquerque Cat Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art hematology and blood chemistry analyzers, as well as other diagnostic laboratory equipment. The following tests can be performed in-house on the same day as your cat’s examination. There may be times when the tests that need to be performed cannot be done in our in-house lab, or when it is more cost-effective to run tests at an outside lab, particularly when getting the results is not urgent.

Urinalysis: This can provide clues to the presence of a urinary tract infection, information about kidney function and reveal the presence of urinary crystals.

Fecal Analysis: This test primarily looks for the presence of the eggs of intestinal parasites in the stool.

Cytology: This is the examination of body cells or fluids to detect cancer, infection or other problems.

Complete Blood Count: This test counts the component cells of your cat’s blood and can reveal problems such as anemia, dehydration and infection.

Serum Chemistry Analysis: These tests provide us with information about the status of your cat’s kidneys, liver, blood sugar and other metabolic functions. Combined with other tests, these can provide us with invaluable information about your pet’s overall health.