Parasite Control

We work hard to provide you with the best information and best advice possible when you bring your cat to us. We will recommend several different preventative options to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Even if your cat is an indoor only cat, they are not immune to contracting internal parasites, fleas and ticks. We have several ways to prevent and help you if your cat does contract an unwanted flea, tick, parasite or worm.


Fleas can be an annoyance for both you and your cat. Fleas cause itching and irritation to your cat, but they can also carry other infections and disease. Fleas can also be an irritant to you as the cat owner, biting you when you least expect it!

If you have already found that your cat and home are infested with fleas, we can assist you in eliminating them and preventing them from returning.


Heartworms spread to cats through mosquito bites. Even indoor cats can get a mosquito bite. While most of New Mexico has a low rate of mosquitos, it is important to discuss preventing heartworm during your annual exam. There are ways to prevent heartworm, but currently no cure. Prevention is your best option to keep your cat safe year-round. For more information about Heartworm prevention please click here.


Parasite control is a vital element in the protection of your cat’s health. As kittens, many cats carry numerous intestinal parasites either obtained from their mother or exposure in the environment. Some of these parasites are transmittable to humans. For this reason, we will treat kittens with a deworming medication at each visit.

Fecal tests can help identify a parasitism, but because fecal tests can be prone to missing infections with some intestinal worms, we will recommend at least annual treatment with an oral medication that kills roundworms. We may recommend further or different parasite control medications if your cat has a lifestyle that puts them at risk of becoming infected with other internal pests. It is important that you follow our team’s parasite control recommendations, for the safety of both your cat and your family.