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Covid Protocols

  • Our lobby is now open for all regular scheduled appointments. Clients are welcome to check-in with the receptionist at the front desk. 
  • Drop-off, Surgery, or Technician Appointments are still exclusively being served with Car-Side Care, please remain inside your vehicle when you arrive. **see Car-Side Care Process below
  • Kitty Concierge service is still available by request for clients who would like assistance with their cat’s carrier or would prefer to wait in their vehicle prior to their appointment. **see Kitty Concierge Service below


  • Call 505-323-1460 to check-in with Reception when you arrive, then wait inside your vehicle with your pet safely secured in their carrier.
  • When a clean room is available, one of our staff members will meet you at your vehicle to escort you and your cat inside the clinic and into their room.
  • Up to 2 persons may accompany the pet inside for their appointment.
  • CAR-SIDE CARE is a convenient, low contact visit type that will continue to be an available option for clients who wish to use it. If you prefer to use this service for your visit, please tell the staff member when you check-in.


  • Call 505-323-1460 to check-in with Reception when you arrive.
  • A member of our Care Team will review your questionnaire with you by phone and ask questions regarding information you provided about your cat. 
  • Once we have discussed the history of your pet, they will meet you at your vehicle and take your cat (secured in a carrier) inside for the doctor to review the history and begin the exam. 
  • While your pet is being examined, you’re welcome to wait inside your vehicle in the parking lot, or we can schedule a time for you to pick up your feline family member.  
  • When the exam has been completed, the doctor will call you with more information and to discuss a care plan. 
  • Once you have decided on a care plan that is appropriate for your cat, a technician will speak with you regarding the cost for the services and give you an estimated time for when your cat will be ready to be returned to you.
  • Our receptionist will accept payment by phone, and a staff member will return your pet to your vehicle when all the services are completed. 
  • You will receive an itemized receipt for the day’s visit as well as any lab work results or estimates for recommended services in the future. 

If you have any questions about your visit with us, the staff is happy to help. Our staff have been heroic in their efforts to care for an increasing volume of patients and clients during the ebbs and flows of the last few years. We ask and expect that you treat them all with kindness and respect as we work through transitions into our new way of doing things.

We are so grateful for your support,

and can’t wait to see you!


Emily Walker, DVM

Owner, Albuquerque Cat Clinic