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At Albuquerque Cat Clinic, we recommend that your cat be examined at least once a year. Before the exam, the Veterinary Technician will ask you questions to help the doctor pinpoint any potential problems. During the course of the exam, the doctor will look over your cat’s skin, teeth, eyes and ears. He or she will also listen to the heart and lungs, and palpate the abdomen to detect abnormalities. Further examination of specific systems may be necessary if anything unusual is found. If the exam is normal, any vaccines that may be recommended or required can be administered. Twice-yearly exams are strongly recommended for patients over seven years of age and for patients with a chronic illness or disease. Because cats age much faster than humans, this would be the equivalent of a person getting an exam every 3-4 years. If your cat is over seven years of age, you will receive reminder cards from us every six months and you will have the option to schedule these exams. At Albuquerque Cat Clinic, we do not administer vaccines or perform elective surgical procedures without a current examination. These are serious medical events in your pet’s life, and it is imperative that we know the health status of the car prior to performing them.

Cat Info

We are committed to providing you with the latest in cat health information. This information is for educational purposes only to help you understand your cat’s healthcare needs. Please contact us directly for specific concerns about your cat.

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At Albuquerque Cat Clinic, we believe that the bond between cats and their caretakers is extremely special. We also believe that protecting and preserving our feline patients’ health, both physical and mental, is essential to the continuance of this bond.

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Feline Wellness

We strive to continually exceed our clients’ expectations in the care and treatment of their feline companions. We work diligently to provide a quiet, relaxing environment and excellent customer service in order to create an experience that is as pleasant as possible.

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