Senior Cat Wellness

As your cat ages, annual examinations become even more important to the maintenance of his or her comfort and well-being. After your cat reaches the age of seven years, we will recommend bi-annual or more frequent exams to stay on top of existing or impending health problems. Early diagnosis and treatment of geriatric diseases is the cornerstone of senior care. For this reason, we at Albuquerque Cat Clinic strongly advise annual blood and urine tests for cats over the age of seven years to aid in the early detection of common feline diseases such as diabetes mellitus, renal disease and hyperthyroidism. All of these diseases are manageable if discovered early. We also advise yearly comprehensive oral and dental health assessment at each exam. This is especially important in geriatric pets, as their immune systems are less able to handle the infections that come with neglected teeth. We strongly believe that your cat deserves to be kept as healthy and comfortable as possible during his or her golden years. We will work hard with you to formulate a plan of care to make this a reality.